Abigail (Abie) Alford is an LPC-Intern who has dedicated her life to helping those in need. She counsels from a Christian perspective and seeks God’s wisdom for each session.

Abie enjoys working with a variety of clients including children, teenagers, young adults, couples and families and has dealt with a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, relational problems, life transitions, and past trauma.

Her focus in counseling is to help clients process their issues through active listening and praising each client’s strengths. Abie believes that every person has the strength to overcome any issue with God’s help and guidance. It is her job to help clients see their strengths and then learn how to utilize them to overcome whatever trials they are facing.

Abie received her Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Ministry from Hardin-Simmons University. She graduated with a dual Masters in Family Psychology and Family Ministry from Hardin-Simmons University and Logsdon Seminary. During her graduate degree, she was an intern at the Family Counseling Center at Hardin-Simmons campus where she saw a variety of clients including college students, adults, teenagers, and families. She co-led a psycho-educational group from Christian Women’s Job Corp, an organization devoted to helping women in poverty receive the education they needed to make a new start in life. Abie was also an intern for an elementary school where she counseled young children with behavioral and emotional issues.

Abie is supervised by Dona Benz, LPC-Supervisor.

Available times vary. Please call 214-843-5760 to schedule an appointment.